Flextone Double Up Predator Combo


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Traditional calls weren’t providing the results we wanted at Flextone, so they created an entirely new game call category altogether. Their design mimics a rigid voice box surrounded by a soft, flexible neck and mouth tissue. This gives Flextone calls the ability to vary tone, volume and inflection just like wild game. The Flextone Double Up Predator Combo uses this revolutionary design in two calls to deliver a blow to that relentless predator population trying to overtake your property. Both calls are easy to use and cover a variety of distances for all your predator hunting needs. The Coyote Rage integrates a unique tone bulb at the end of the call for added realism. Easily create howls, yips and barks to send the pack your direction. The Dying Rabbit’s versatility makes it a coaxer at close range and an attention-grabber across longer distances. It’ll bring in coyotes, foxes and other predators.

  • Two deadly calls for every predator hunting scenario
  • Patented flexible design creates more realistic sounds
  • Offers variety in tone, volume and backpressure
  • Coyote Rage easily produces coyote howls, yips and barks
  • Dying Rabbit for close or long-range distress calls

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